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Men's Sustainable Clothing, TRIBU

Sustainable clothing for men

Discover our models of sustainable T-shirts for boys

Our sustainable men’s clothing is made from certified organic cotton and eco-friendly screen printing. Available in different colors and sizes, our organic T-shirts feature prints ranging from tribal to purest environmental message. Bet on green and greater durability of garments. Check out the sustainable men’s clothing selection!

Reasons to buy sustainable men’s clothing


Take care of the environment

The textile industry is responsible for 20% of the wastewater generated in the world and generates 10% of the carbon dioxide emissions that are launched into the atmosphere. By wearing sustainable clothing you are actively collaborating with the conservation of the environment.

Does not use chemicals

If the tissues contain toxic substances derived from their processing or dyeing, they may be released by rubbing and sweat causing irritations, allergies and even infections. Sustainable clothing is produced without fertilizer and free of chemicals.

It has greater durability

We currently consume 400% more clothes than we did 20 years ago and throw it away in half the time. A sustainable garment is made with quality fabrics and carefully crafted detail to last something like 25 times longer than a conventional garment.

Ensures labour rights

Wearing sustainable clothing also means betting on social commitment, fair trade and non-exploitation of children, the development of excluding local groups, the promotion of training or employment with decent conditions.